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online booking

Online booking is available during business hours only, if you would like to book after business hours, please email us at


We do not accept new dog bookings, you must call our facility so we can discuss your dogs behaviour and choose an appropriate time and day for them to begin.

We do not accept regular daycare clients after 1pm, please note we may reach capacity

before these times. Please call our facility for day of bookings and do not book online. 


The system allows someone to book an appointment every 10 minutes, please note this does not have to be the exact time you arrive. 

We will check you in when your dog arrives, so where your appointment sits on our schedule does not affect your booking.


Example: You would like a full day booking on Saturday at 9am, but the system is booked until 12pm. You can still go ahead and book the full day at 12pm and arrive at 9am.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call us to book over the phone (204)777-1657

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