White Wolf Pet Grooming

We know that pets are family and we are committed to providing your family member with the patience and respect that they deserve. We ensure your pet has a positive experience so that they leave content and stress-free. The consultation with your groomer begins with an evaluation of your pet's coat and health. We will then determine, based on your pet's needs and your input, what is the best cut and shampoo for your pet's health and your desired look.

Nail trim, face trim and other á la carte services are offered as a same day service. We ask that you please call or message ahead. This ensures any pets being groomed are not left unattended during the bathing process.

For first time clients it is required that you please provide a copy of their pet's proof of vaccination for rabies, parvovirus and distemper. Records can also be emailed to whitewolfpetgrooming@gmail.com. Please also set aside a few minutes prior to your pet's appointment to fill out a one time information and release form.
Upon arrival, we will determine the condition of your pet's skin, coat and overall health to provide a more accurate price quote and appointment duration. Any appointments that arrive 15 min or later for their groom will be required to reschedule. This ensures that we can maintain our time commitments for other appointments.

Approximately 30 minutes prior to the completion of your pet's groom, we will provide a call or text letting you know an accurate pick up time.
Upon pickup, we will advise you of any issues that were spotted during the grooming process. This may include skin, ear, or eye problems or other irregularities. We will also inform of how your pet was behaviorally during the grooming process. We are happy to provide information to help you care for and maintain your pet's skin and coat between grooms. Please feel free to ask! ​ ​


The following prices may vary based on coat and skin condition, matting, behaviour and overall health. Prices quoted over the phone are based on description given, and may not be accurate until a consultation is given in person.

Nail Trims - $10 cut/file
De-matting - $60/hr ​

Bath & Tidy Bath 
This service includes: Bath, blow dry, nails, ears & feet/face/bum trim
Tiny- $45 + up
Small - $50 + up
Medium - $55 + up
Large - $60 + up
Giant - $90 + up ​

​ Full Groom
This service includes : Bath, blow dry, brushing, nails, ears & haircut
Tiny- $60 + up
Small - $65 + up
Medium - $75 + up
Large - $80 + up
X-large - $90 + up
Giant - $100 + up ​ ​

This service includes: Bath, de-shed product, brush out, nails, ears & coat trim (if necessary)
Small - $55 + up
Medium - $60 + up
Large - $70 + up
X- Large - $85 + up
Giant - $100 + up

GST/PST not included​
Please note Bark Lodge gift certificates will not be accepted for grooming services.

For scheduling, please contact Miranda: