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Are you feeling guilty about your long work day? Is your dog bored at home? We've got you covered.

While staying with us, your dog will meet new friends to share exciting adventures with, discuss and debate new bone theories and trends, play all day long with old friends, and, of course, laze around sunbathing by the pool in summer months. We provide several separated areas to allow smaller groups to play and not be over crowded in one space.


Our fully staffed facility will ensure that your dog is always supervised, Most staff are trained in animal CPR and first aid.

The dogs in care will have complete use of the outdoor security monitored fenced compound attached directly to the back of our building for fresh air, pool parties and washroom breaks.



New Dogs

Power hour assessment to start, which is always free, this is a 90 minute stay where we assess your dogs readiness for the daycare setting. We start all new dogs with a slow introduction. As long as there are no aggressive behaviours shown and the dog is comfortable they will be integrated with the daycare group. If the power hour assessment goes well we can move to scheduling half or full days. If your dog is still uncomfortable but shows potential in the daycare setting we will stick with power hours until we see fit. 


We start new dogs Tuesday through Saturday to ensure a proper assessment can be completed. We schedule new dogs to start in the morning only so they can find their way into the pack. 

Small Breed Daycare
We have a small breed only area for daycare for dogs. This is held every day we are open (Tuesday-Saturday). It is for dogs 25 lbs and under or breed dependent. New dogs will require a 90 minute assessment.
We will have a capacity of 10 dogs daily for this group.


Policies and Procedures 

We do not allow daycare dogs to be dropped off after 1 pm Tuesday - Saturday. This is because our pack is established at that point and adding a new dog later in the day can cause confusion and upsets the dogs in our facility. 


Aggressive dogs; we have a zero tolerance for aggressive behaviour. We do on occasion take dogs who are properly muzzle trained. 


Our capacity varies, Tuesday through Thursday we do not allow more than 30 dogs at a time as that is all we are staffed to accommodate. Friday and Saturdays we are heavily staffed as we know these are our busiest daycare days and can accomodate up to 40 dogs. This ensures a minimum 10 dog to 1 staff member ratio. 



We try to be as honest as possible with our clients on their dogs behaviour. We try and explain to the best of our ability the behaviours noticed through out the day at the end of their visits. Although, sometimes it is hard to hear it is crucial so owners are aware of what is going on with their dog and they can work on these behaviours with us. Unfortunately not all dogs are made for daycare. 


Leash reactivity

Some of our dogs can show leash reactivity in our lobby. You may have been asked to please step aside with your dog while we bring a dog out of daycare to their owner. Dogs can react very differently on leash, most dogs are absolutely fine once they get off their leash. Again, we make sure a proper assessment has been done and that all dogs are safe and having fun in our facility.



Minor scrapes and cuts can happen, some dogs play very hard. We monitor play as best we can. Puppy teeth are very sharp so sometimes little nicks or cuts can happen. We notify all of our clients if we notice a cut or scrape throughout the day.  

All dogs must be at least 16 weeks old, healthy, and free of infectious, contagious or communicable diseases. Dogs eight months and older must be spayed or neutered.

Nail trims available for your dog while they are attending daycare, $18.50 per dog. 


We require up to date Parvovirus/Distemper and Rabies vaccines for the dogs that enter our facility.  The bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine is optional. Please email records prior to your visit or bring in a printed certificate from your veterinarian.



Full day of daycare              $33
6 - 12 hours

Half day of daycare             $23
90 minutes - 6 hours

Power hour  (90 minutes)    $14

Nail Trim                           $18.50

10 half day pass                      $220

​20 half day pass                     $430
5 full day pack                       $160
10 full day pack                      $310
20 full day pack                      $590
10 power hours                       $130
5 full days 5 half days             $270

Unlimited monthly day care      $425                                          ​


GST not included, gift certificates available

Prices subject to change without notice

All packages are non refundable

Discount for 2 dogs



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