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BPR was started with a friendship between Andrew and Luna. Luna was a rescued dog from northern Manitoba who traveled with her companion Andrew. She accompanied him on his trips where he worked up north as a registered nurse. It was her Love that gave him the desire to rescue dogs from northern communities. He wanted to
give people the same experience he had with his dog Luna and give the dogs a second chance at
life. This Love from Luna gave Andrew even more passion and helped him to complete his
Certification for Professional Dog Training (CPDT-KA). Also, BPR follows strict standards of training
and Andrew is Fear Free Certified.

      Puppy Crash Course

Did you just adopt a new puppy and have no clue what you got yourself into!? Have no fear

because Back to Pack Rescue Shelter (BPR) has your back!  We are now offering a puppy crash
course at Bark Lodge. This course will help prepare you for some of the trials that you will face as
a dog owner.

You will leave this 2 hour course feeling confident in: 

How to teach your pup basic commands (sit, stay, down, come, food stay, waiting at door)

How to prevent unwanted behaviours (jumping, nipping, and chewing inappropriate objects)

How to crate train
How to potty train (class dependent)


Cost: $90



     Focus Training Group Class

We know how important socialization and training are for our dogs, but what does proper socialization and

training look like? This class is designed to teach you how to go about handling new social

situations and give you the foundations and skills to help you and your pup explore this complicated world.

You’ll be taught exactly how your dog learns and how best for you to communicate with your dog to give you

the greatest relationship possible! We follow strict fear free standards of training. We

don’t use physical coercion, but instead focus on behavioural modification through psychology.
Each session places a huge emphasis on socialization and increasing your dog’s stress threshold. In this class, we focus on teaching body language, socializing with a group of dogs and how to approach training with your dog. Each class focuses on disengagement, basic commands, paired cues, as well as recall cues. We’ll help you become your dog’s own

leader and trainer.

Just like people, every dog is unique in their own way and requires different training strategies.
All our training methods are done using fear free methods. Some of these training methods
and strategies include:

  • Paired Cues

  • Recall Cues

  • Disengagement

  • Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behaviour

  • Positive Reinforcement

  • Luring

Cost: $160 Four classes running from 6:45pm - 7:45pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays 



April 30/24, May 2/24, May 14/24 & May 16/24

We are also adamant about teaching the families about which methods work best for the dogs.

This allows for their continued success throughout the dogs entire life.

BPR also believes in the importance of early education of puppies during their critical period of

life. Early education and fear free training should be accessible for every dog owner and dog. 


Please contact Bark Lodge to sign up for upcoming sessions through phone, email or in store. All class sizes will be between 6-7 dogs, owner's will be responsible for bringing treats for a reward and a leash. 

Each dog will receive individual time with the trainer every class.


Please arrive a few minutes early to allow your dog to become familiar with the area so they are focused and ready once the class begins.


We require Parvo, Distemper & Rabies vaccines for all dogs over 24 weeks old. Bordatella (kennel cough) is not mandatory but recommended.
Dogs between 12 - 24 weeks must have a minimum of two sets of vaccines. Please email records prior to your visit or bring in a printed certificate from your veterinarian.

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