This class is taught by Amber Overwater CPTD-KA from Clicker Hounds. 


Pandemic Puppy Preschool

Recommended for puppies under 8 months

In this class we focus on positive reinforcement & force-free techniques to help shape and guide puppies to their potential. Catch up your puppy's basic skills of sits and downs, stays, automatic attention, handling for grooming and vet visits, zen work, and puppy recall.

We will also discuss techniques to help with potential challenges the pandemic puppy may face.


Week 1 - Starting off on the right paw

What is a clicker?

Automatic Eye Contact

Sits & Downs

Handling for vet and grooming visits


Week 2 - Exploring the world

Leave it 

Socialization chat

Saying "please!" 


Zen work 


Week 3 - Being your dogs advocate

Wrapping up handling for vet and grooming visits

Preventing separation distress 

Empowerment games 

Puppy Recalls 


Week 4 - Graduation Fun

Puppy Agility 

Recall Tunnel

Tricks with a purpose



Elementary Life Skills 

Recommended for puppies/dogs over the age of 8 months, or have completed a set of puppy classes prior 

A mat (Bath mat, small blanket, something comfy and easy to carry) will be needed for class

For the park, cafe, and beyond! In this class you will learn the skills for raising a well-mannered companion. Advanced recall and loose leash skills, mat work, and mastering the art of delayed reinforcement are a few skills covered in class. 


Week 1 - Who is the dog in front of you?

Automatic eye contact
Loose leash part 1 

Mat work step 1

What does your dog actually know? 


Week 2 - Controlled & Uncontrolled Distractions, Cookies out of hands

Loose leash part 2

Advanced Recalls

Breaking the "Show me the money" Habit

Mat work step 2


Week 3 - Cookies off the body and Advanced distractions 

Mastering the cookie jar

Mat work for daily life

Challenging our loose leash and recall skills


Week 4 - Graduation + Putting it together

Next Classes

Elementary Life Skills 

Wednesday November 24/21 8pm

Wednesday December 1/21 8pm

Wednesday December 8/21 8pm 

Wednesday December 15/21 8pm

Total 4 classes

Pandemic Puppy Preschool 

Wednesday November 24/21 7pm

Wednesday December 1/21 7pm

Wednesday December 8/21 7pm 

Wednesday December 15/21 7pm

Total 4 classes