BPR was started with a friendship between Andrew and Luna. Luna was a rescued dog

from northern Manitoba who traveled with her companion Andrew. She accompanied him

on his trips where he worked up north as a registered nurse. It was her love that gave

him the desire to rescue dogs from northern communities. He wanted to give people the

same experience he had with his dog Luna and give the dogs a second chance at life. This

love from Luna gave Andrew even more passion and helped him to complete his

Certification for Professional Dog Training (CPDT-KA). BPR follows strict standards of

training and Andrew is Fear Free Certified (ie. don’t use physical coercion and focus on

behavioral modification through psychology).
Andrew Din CPDT-KA from Back to Pack Rescue has been training dogs for over 11 years. Understanding that each dog is unique in their own way and require different training methods for correcting different behaviours.

Andrew is certified through the CCPDT and holds a certification in Knowledge Assessment. 

One on one and rehabilitation classes are also available.

Fee $120/hour

Focus Training

Fee $150 + GST

Session 1            

In this class we focus on teaching body language and eye contact. Socializing with an alpha dog, how to approach your dog with training and basic commands, "back", "focus", and "sit". 


Session 2

We will work on keeping dog social dynamics separate from human social dynamics. Using the proper tone of voice and changing it appropriately. Learning the basic commands "down" and "food stay". 


Session 3​

Learning the shaping technique and basic commands "up" and "shake a paw".


Session 4             

In this class we address unwanted behaviours and learning the commands "stay" and "come".







Please contact Bark Lodge to sign up for upcoming sessions through phone, email or in store. All class sizes will be between 6-7 dogs, owner's will be responsible for bringing treats for a reward and a leash. Classes will begin with socialization amongst class mates and an alpha dog.

Each dog will receive individual time with the trainer every class.


Please arrive a few minutes early to allow your dog to become familiar with the area so they are focused and ready once the class begins.


We require Parvo, Distemper & Rabies vaccines for all dogs over 24 weeks old. Bordatella (kennel cough) is not mandatory but recommended.
Dogs between 12 - 24 weeks must have a minimum of two sets of vaccines. Please email records prior to your visit or bring in a printed certificate from your veterinarian.


Wednesday June 1/22 7pm

Wednesday June 8/22 7pm 

Wednesday June 15/22 7pm 
Wednesday June 22/ 22 7pm