Our Team

Hi! I’m Raeann, CO owner at Bark Lodge. 

I’ve been a dog owner for over 13 years and a volunteer with CAARE Rescue Winnipeg for 4 years, fostering hundreds of dogs and cats.

My pack is currently up to four dogs, Bruno, Annabelle, Gucci & Misty, as well as our cat, Oliver. 

I am an avid traveller, gardener, and enjoy searching flea markets for treasures in my spare time. 

Amanda and I met through our many hours volunteering together with CAARE, coordinating foster homes, vet appointments and rescue missions. We developed an instant friendship and knew we could run a business together. Our common love for dogs and entrepreneurship minds is what got us here!

You can find me with your fur babes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and every other Friday and Saturday. My favourite days are the ones we can enjoy outside by the pools!

Hi! I’m Amanda, one of the owners of Bark Lodge. My passion for animals started at a very young age and has followed me through to adulthood. Outside of Bark Lodge I am a mother to 3 human boys and a wife. We live in the country on 70 acres. We have 2 dogs; Mounty a Great Pyrenees and Squallie a chihuahua. I also have 2 cats, Tuna and Katniss, 4 chickens, 6 guinea fowl, a guinea pig AND 3 fish! I am the volunteer provincial coordinator for CAARE rescue Winnipeg and have rescued + fostered many dogs, puppies and kittens over the years. You can find me at Bark Lodge every Tuesday and Thursday, every other Friday and Saturday! When I’m not loving up your pups I’m at home looking after my zoo!

Ola! Your pups know me as Auntie Josie and the rest of you know me for having the most insane conversations with your dogs. I’m an ambitious female who loves to work, fish and enjoy the delicious things in life . When I’m not at work you can find me running with my dog or trying to catch a carp downtown on the river. I love to be outdoors and spend as much time out at my either of my parents place in the Whiteshell. I’m so lucky to call all your dogs my best pals and look forward to seeing them every time I come in to work!

Hi my name is Madison; I am the assistant manager at Bark Lodge. I am currently in school at University of Winnipeg working towards my Bachelor of Arts Degree with future plans of going into the Faculty of Education. I have been around animals my whole life, including dogs as I grew up in a small town in the Interlake and my parents had a farm. I currently own two labs Oakley and Goose with my boyfriend, which has been a crazy ride but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The outdoors is a huge passion of mine, anytime I get out of the city I can be found fishing or hunting. I’ve also been riding dirt bikes since I was roughly 9, I now race at the Manitoba Dirt Riders races which is hare scramble (cross country) events during the summer.

Hello, I’m Rachel and my whole life has been involved in some way with people and  animals.  I have been a doggy foster parent for CAARE in the past and am currently the proud mom of a handsome cat named boots and god mom to the cutest pug terrier named Gus. My partner and I live in transcona and we have five kids that keep us busy.  I’ve been looking into going back to school to get my dog grooming certification and seeing about specializing in beautifying your amazing pups! You can find me bunking overnight with your dogs and the occasional daycare shift!  I am so looking forward to meeting all the amazing dogs that call bark lodge their home away from home!

Miranda has been an animal lover since day one. As a youngster, she would have her head buried in dog, cat and horse breed and care books. There were endless drawings of her dream farm and dream job which always involved animals. In 2012, Miranda realized her passion for animals was best combined with work to be successful. Starting at square one as a dog bather she gained knowledge under certified master groomers, by attending seminars and spending countless hours studying breed trims and different techniques for grooming and handling both dogs and cats. Her passion for providing quality grooms under low stress became her number one priority from there. In her off time, Miranda enjoys riding hunter/jumper with her mare, Mae West. She also recently acquired a Siberian husky named Leto, who she has spent a large amount this summer hiking and enjoying the outdoors with. Miranda also has 2 cats and a passion for photography, specializing in animal portraiture. Miranda's future plans include continuing to learn about her profession, improving on her skills and knowledge.

Meet Darlene, she is a semi retired nurse who has been volunteering with us since day one. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her grandson, reading a good book and traveling. 

Hello! My name is Jade and I’ve been an animal lover all my life. I have 2 rescue dogs, Shasta and Kazlo, and a bearded dragon named Stanley. I’ve worked and volunteered with animals for 5 years now, including a trip to Thailand to work with street dogs. Caring for animals is my passion, and I look forward to meeting your pooch and making sure they have a fun and safe time at the Bark Lodge!

Hi! I'm Ashley. I am a proud dog mom of two labs; Lilly and Chloé, and a BIG sister to Hershey-Bean, a Yorkshire Terrier. Throughout my childhood I had a variety of pets and my love for animals continued to grow from there. I've volunteered at Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation and Earthdogs Reason Initiative building dog houses for Halo Houses. Following these experiences, I knew I needed to follow my dreams and work with animals. Working at Barklodge has made it possible for me to continue following my dreams by working there. I enjoy being a part of the Barklodge crew, and an Aunty to all of the doggies that come through the door and into our care!